Monday, April 28, 2008

the puppy dog that wouldn't wag its tail

As I've mentioned before, my desk is in front of a window facing the street, so as I'm reading email etc., I can see what's going on in the nabe.

And what's going on this morning is missionaries. Lots of 'em. They appear to be led by a stuffy-looking guy in a short-sleeved white shirt and black tie, sporting a silver pompadour. His troops are all well-dressed church ladies, canvassing the neighborhood in pairs. All in all, they look like they were teleported from a small town in Kansas, straight from the church social (after they set their jello ring molds and Campbell's-soup casseroles down on the pot-luck table).

I saw two ladies head up our driveway, so I went into the living room to answer the door when they rang... except they didn't ring. One raised her hand as if she was knocking, but she didn't knock. So I didn't answer.

They stood there chatting (about someone they were worried about, from what I overheard) for 30 seconds and then left.

It kind of brings home the plight of the proselytizer. Imagine your pompadoured preacher insisting that you go bang on doors of a monday morning, when you know full well that anyone who answers either has their own church or doesn't wanna hear it. I'd fake-knock too.

Of course, that didn't keep K. from suggesting that they were actually casing the joint and that I should call the police.

The image is from the MormonChic website, which cracked me up (although these weren't Mormons, judging by their sandals). Who knew that suede was so unacceptable?


John Clifford said...

They were on our street on Sunday (of all days). We saw them as we got back from the Festival of Books at UCLA. They had apparently already done our section and we missed them.

Anonymous said...

I'd call the fashion police for a silver pompadour any day.

ballookey said...

I can tell you as an ex-Jehovah's Witness that my best friend and I always arranged to work together and we had an agreement to fake knock whenever we could get away with it.