Monday, April 7, 2008

RBOP: Random Bullets of Pomoniana

• Some pals conjectured last night that the four of us would make an unstoppable trivia team -- but they know of nowhere in the West Inland Empire to play trivia. Anybody know of bars that have a trivia night?

(For the record, I think they're fooling themselves -- the only sports we have covered between the four of us are cycling, horse racing, and college football. And sumo, which I hear is a very popular topic at trivia nights.)

• While I was gone, they up and numbered the exits on the 10! What I want to know is, how did Indian Hill get numbered 47?

• Koki's -- the Korean joint in the same shopping center as Pho Ha on Indian Hill -- is now Pittsburgh Chicken & Ribs. It's too bad -- I never even got a chance to try Koki's out. Every time we tried, they were closed, either for repairs after the Hummer smashed into their storefront or for mysterious reasons.

• That said, "Pittsburgh Chicken & Ribs"??? What particular claim to chicken and ribs does Pittsburgh, of all places, have?

The frontispiece is the first hit I got on the word "trivia."


Mrs. Tiki said...

Seamus knows a lot of baseball trivia too, and a decent amount about pro football and basketball. He usually does pretty well on sports in general.

I thought the freeway exit numbers had been around for a while. Years, even, unless we're talking about different things. This article from fall 2000 mentions it.

Mrs. Tiki said...

Oh, ha, that's actually the same article you linked to.

John Clifford said...
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John Clifford said...

I'm terrible at sports but decent at popular culture. I won a lot of prizes at bars in the early '80s by knowing such things as the town where Rocky and Bullwinkle lived (Frostbite Falls, MN).