Friday, April 18, 2008

monday, monday --

If you're interested in the Mills Act discussion at monday's city council meeting, here is the agenda item as it appears on the web. (Should you not get the document itself, drill down to 4/17/08 -- which is not the date of the meeting but perhaps the posting date.) This information comes courtesy of Our John, not surprisingly.

My private gripe: The dates, time, and place of the city council meetings appear nowhere on the city's website. It's almost as if they don't want us there (ya think?).


John Clifford said...

The city's web site finally fixed the agenda information and it is now available (the link Meg posted had the meeting as April 17 rather than 21, but it's been fixed now).

Now that the agenda is up, we know that the Mills Act itself is item 3, but the fee discussion is item 19 (last item on the agenda).

The Alternative Materials discussion is item 16 under "New Business."

Ed said...

I was at the Home Depot in Glendora yesterday and noticed their new fence products........not exactly wood, but gosh darn convincing from only a foot or two away. What will the future bring? I couldn't resist!

I never ventured into the section of the website that Meg linked. It appears all the commissions' agendas will soon be accessible. Great. I would actually like to know what's happening in the parks and libraries, without having to attend every meeting.

Who is responsible for recording the minutes for the city's commissions?