Wednesday, April 23, 2008

deep thoughts

Does anyone know how long Sherwood Florist (at the corner of Foothill and IHB in Claremont) has been around? More to the point, does it predate or postdate 1987? Because that's when Black Canary and Green Arrow move to Seattle and open a shop named Sherwood Florist -- built of stones in order to look like a castle (Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1).

Yes, David Allen has Ishmael, Ahab, and the adorable Queequeg; me, I've got Dinah Lance, Oliver Queen, and Ra's al Ghul.

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Andrea said...

Oh yeah, Baby! But don't forget the thinking man's hero - old Bat's himself. You can learn a lot from the Dark Knight. I know a lot of people who have found enlightenment and salvation betwixt the covers of a funny book. As far as Sherwood Florist... I beleive they are a chain and they have been there since 1989 when I moved to town.