Friday, April 25, 2008

Events for 4/25 to 5/1

This weekend the Fairplex has a public car auction, Prime Time Dance competition, Rabbit show, Tennessee Walking Horse Show, and Championship Off-Road Racing.

Friday: 4/25
Pomona Police Sobriety Checkpoint???? This one's for K.
Fairplex events

Saturday: 4/26
Farmer's Market @ First Baptist Parking Lot
Black Culture Festival @ Pomona Public Library 12-4PM info
Family Fun Days "Doorway to the World" @ Cal Poly Downtown Center 1-4PM info
Fairplex events

Sunday: 4/27
Fairplex events

Tuesday: 4/29
Campus Community mixer @ the Kellogg House on Cal Poly Campus info
Pomona Library:
Homework Center 4-6PM and Story Time 10:15AM

Wednesday: 4/30
US Naturalization Ceremony @ the Fairplex
Joint Concert of the Pomona Concert Band and Garey HS Band info
Pomona Library: Homework Center 4-6PM and Grandparents and Books 3:30-4:30
Downtown Farmer's Market

Thursday: 5/1
Police Community Engagement Meeting 4:30-6:30PM info
Pomona Library: Homework Center 4-6PM


meg said...

Thanks for posting, Ed!

Having gotten the bit in my teeth by speaking in front of City Council for the first time in my life (or maybe the appropriate equine metaphor is "having smelled the barn"), I clicked through on INFO for the Community Engagement event.

Whereupon I learned that "Chief Romero invites the community to support the Pomona Police Department's Community Engagement Group as it begins the 2007 year."

As it begins 2007? Well, there's your problem -- the police department is in a time warp that's stuck 16 months behind the rest of us.

John Clifford said...

While it's not in Pomona, one of my favorite events of the year takes place this weekend at UCLA. The LA Times Festival of Books.

Lots of authors, lots of booths, lots of autograph opportunites (if you're into that stuff), a cooking stage, LOTS of children's programming. Basically something for every reader.

Runs Saturday and Sunday.