Wednesday, December 10, 2008

calling the po-po

While our attention is riveted to the goings-on in the Police Dept., I though I'd point something out that came across the neighborhood-watch telegraph:

Namely, if you do not give a specific address when calling the police, the location does not get logged for the purpose of cumulative statistics. The result is that Lincoln Park supposedly had between three and seven police calls for the third quarter of 2008, despite the fact that residents made dozens of calls (two by me, in fact). That's right: If you report suspicious activity/burglary/felonious leaf-blowing on the 100 block of Primrose Path, the location will not get logged -- you must give a specific house number.

This is utter codswallop, but it hardly seems like a chief-firing offense.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly what was said at the meeting last night. The dispatcher enters the information the caller gives, such as "corner of Garey and Lincoln" or "500 block of Lincoln." Because of that, it is hard to pull the statistics from the db.

Anonymous said...

So, is anyone showing up at Rothman's reception tonight fron 5-7 pm at the Cal Poly Downtown Center to protest the chief's politically motivated firing?

Anonymous said...

How sad, to let go of the Best of the Best, Chief Romero is the ultimate kind, careing, respected gentlemen. Unfortunately I can not say that of Rothman. Rothman had been drinking, whether or not the no. was not high. Something made the officer stop him, or did Rothman pretend to be drunk? Hmmm I wonder. Also, at the meeting in the summer over DUI stop, CARRIZOSA stood up, (during the talk by Chief Romero, she dropped her can of soda in the trash, making a loud thud, how disrespectful), but, what can we expect from someone who can not be understood when she slurs the English language. She was very rude, not once did she look at the Chief while he was talking, she just kept on shuffling papers and slugging down her soda. I wonder how she will feel when one of her family members gets killed or hurt by an unlicensed, no insurance, no registered driver, OH, but that is ok, they are picking up their kids from school, so we should expect that is ok to do right? What goes around comes around, you will find this out, Rothman, Carrizosa and anyone else that did this to our special Chief Romero.

Anonymous said...

I feel that the rest of the Counsel, who went along with the termination of Chief Romero has no back bone to stand up to Rothman and Carrizosa. This is the last time I will vote for ANY of you. I am in favor of a recall of ROTHMAN AND CARRIZOSA. So, let's get started. Chief Romero, we are very ANGRY at this decision. Pomona needs you, and I hope that we can get you back. I also was born and raised in Pomona. I have lived here for 64 years, not like the outsiders on the Counsel.