Wednesday, December 3, 2008

our house is a very very very fine house

You may know Eurydice Turk as a local realtor, but she is also a neighbor and community activist. She writes:

At our last NW meeting, we discussed whether the city’s Webwatch program is still up and running. Over the next month, the Community Life Commission will be looking at opportunities that create community. It would be very helpful if I could pull some ideas from my district and take them back to our next meeting. I am specifically interested in ideas that will bring us together and don’t cost a lot of money… initial ideas are beautification projects, community gardens, emergency preparedness plans (by district), litter removal projects… let’s ride the creative wave that is coming our way. Remember – YES WE CAN!

She is the CLC rep for Lincoln Park, but I imagine she would be happy to pass ideas on for other neighborhoods as well. You can write directly to her with ideas at

For my part, there are all sorts of things I'd love to get involved with -- community gardens, the HPC, etc. -- but until my job stops requiring 70 hours and a pint of blood per week, it ain't gonna happen. As the kids say, le sigh.


Pride in Garfield Park said...

I would love to see a community potluck at the picnic tables in Garfield Park. We could all bring a dish, meet up, and eat.

And, although I haven't made it to one yet, a meet-up at dba sounds lovely, too :)

Ed said...


Thanks for asking for public input. I'll lob a softball: Convince the city staff to have the agendas and minutes available online.......and write a post each month summarizing the Commission's activities.

Anyone else on a Commission? Feel free to share your misery with a couple of dozen Pomona blog readers (unless Meg has a problem with it).

John Clifford said...
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John Clifford said...

I second that emotion (going with song references).

I think it would be wonderful if commissioners would blog about what's going on with their commissions. Despite attempting to stay informed, there is just not enough time for going to all the commission and council meetings. I have a difficult enough time trying to stay up with the legal ads in the DB.

Anduhrew said...

I'll be at DBA's tonight