Tuesday, December 2, 2008

votes for money

Sorry to have been AWOL, folks -- first I was just too damned busy, and then I was just too damned sick. I'm still sick, but I am fed up with lying on the couch and whimpering, so I've willed my carcass to come to life.

What was it that Gandhi said about Western civilization -- he thought it would be a good idea? I feel the same way about a humane society: What a great thought! Let's give it a try!

Courtesy of my neighbor, I bring you an opportunity to vote for our own Inland Valley Humane Society in some contest for $10k, an amount I'm sure they could use. Yeah, it's a random popularity contest, but on the other hand, it's $10k -- and if you've been down to the IVHS (on Mission, down by Aerospace Ghost-Town), you'll know they could really use the bucks. So go throw 'em a bone if the spirit moves you. You don't even hafta give 'em a valid email address.

I feel pretty grateful to them for our own Cranky Bighead of a cat, Voiceover. Thanks to him, K and I aren't the most eccentric creatures -- or worst singers -- on the block.


Anduhrew said...

i've been wanting to adopt a puppy from them, but there just isn't time to take care of one right now!, welcome back, I hope you're feeling better. speaking of Gandhi, he and I share the same birthday. That's my one and only claim to fame.

John Clifford said...

OK, I voted. Hope it helps.

Anduhrew said...

oh yes, and i voted too