Saturday, December 13, 2008

Paper creatures, performance art, a new bar: oh my!

A rockin' Second Saturday, indeed. Our favorite exhibit of the night: Dee Cole's fantastic paper mache creatures at the dA. Also at the dA, a jazz band of young musicians and a performance piece that included the ritualistic burning of a devilish totem, followed by a polite appearance of the Pomona Police Department (what? no permit for devil burning? you'll need to clear the street...everyone back inside).

A meander around the block led us to the much anticipated Acerogami -- this is the new bar and lounge nestled between the Glass House and the record store on Second St. between Thomas and Main. Rob Fisher, production manager/consultant, tells us the bar's name means "folded metal;" the interior design -- not to mention the exterior architectural details -- make clear the relevance of the name. A white russian and a manhattan cost us $17, sans tip. The drinks were tasty and well-mixed. Swanky set up, void of those annoying corporate logos (no glaring neon Budweiser signs in sight). Rob tells us all the interior elements -- from the bar stools to the bathroom stall doors -- were hand-crafted for the site. Definitely worth a look.

Next up on the block: Aladdin Jrs, coming soon to the corner of 2nd and Main (former home of Lela's).


Anonymous said...

What?! Aladdin Jr coming to 2nd street? If this is anything like the Aladdin Jr. on Garey near Foothill this is good news indeed!

Pomona Joe

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Rumor has it the same owner is opening up this new location. Woot woot!

tibbi said...

no rumor- it's happening, but it will be a variation on Aladdin Jr.- it'll be great so please keep an eye out for more developments on it...

Kal and Waleed (the owners of aladdin jr. and casablanca) have their hands full, so let's make sure this business gets the attention it deserves in our quaint downtown- i want to see this business flourish- hooray-for hummus!!!!!

pomona's art colonists said...

No rumor, they have already moved in!
just going to take some time to set up, Kal
has asked me to help decorate ;-)
They are going to have a grand opening reception
soon......We'll keep you posted.