Monday, December 22, 2008

get your farmers here! steaming hot and fresh from the fields!

Every time I read the phrase "farmers market" I want to ask how much farmers are going for these days. I realize that the end times are upon us and the apostrophe is doomed; even in newspapers, you pretty much only see it where it doesn't belong and rarely where it does.

But when Metro Pomona posted about efforts to start up a Saturday evening farmers('s) market at Thomas Plaza, I was so excited I forgot to contemplate the purchase of agricultural technicians.

They still have to get an event permit from the city (aside to the DPOA: if y'all need community support, just say the word and we'll rally the troops), but with any luck the first FM-PM will be January 10th. And I'll be there.

[Yes, I realize that "farmers market" is the standard spelling. But I don't have to like it.]


Anduhrew said...

Meg, you and my linguistics mastered girlfriend would get along great.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Ooh, I would love a PM-FM!

Anonymous said...

I thought "farmers" was plural for farmer, meaning more than one, and "farmer's" was possessive as in the farmer's tractor. But either way is probably acceptable.

Ed said...

Shall we consider Farmers' as an option?

Try the plural possessive of attorney general!

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course, farmers'.

Ren said...
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