Monday, December 8, 2008

'H' word for October and November

Shame on me! Faced with three homicides in October, I foolishly figured I'd game the system by combining the October and November homicide numbers. Hey, 3 murders over two months isn't that bad, right! Well, if you've read the Daily Bulletin lately, you'll realize the DB's beloved Pomona homicide summaries are running again, so my little ploy didn't work so well.

And although I'm not overly susperstitious, with two murders already in December I'll finally post the October/November maps. Here they are! I'm done with them! Please put the guns away! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

Oct/Nov Homicide map

So far in December: 2 in Pomona, 1 in Rialto, 1 in San Gabriel, 1 in El Monte. I didn't see the homicide in Rialto mentioned in the Saturday or Sunday DB. Did I miss it?

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