Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Officer-involved shooting in Garfield Park

The LA County Sheriff's department is investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred along the western edge of Garfield Park some time early this morning (my neighbor tells me he heard the shots sometime between 1:00 to 2:00 AM). Evidently no officers were injured and the LA County Sheriff is doing the investigation, suggesting the officer(s) needed to use force.

I spoke with a Pomona PD officer on the scene who told me a press release would be made available sometime this afternoon (I'm not sure where to look for press releases; any ideas?). In the meantime, I called the sheriff's department; not surprisingly, they're not yet able to disclose any information.

So first a guy is shot in the butt, then my neighbor's house gets broken into, and now this. I've lived here for four years and have never felt anything less than safe and secure. I'm feeling on edge now.


tibbi said...

It's a sign of the times, and no place is safe no matter how close knit, well lit and even, at times, affluent.

Times are hard and it's spurring a lot of tension and crime- it's everywhere...

unfortunately this isn't new, but rather it's spreading, but be assured that the thing to do in these times is to make sure you're not showing weakness no matter how scary it may be, just remember that the weak are the easiest targets- and if that fails I will gladly sit on your porch with my "mean face," as a means of scaring would be criminals!!!!

Pride in Garfield Park said...

I feel the love, Tibbi. Thank you.

I found the link to Pomona press releases: http://www.ci.pomona.ca.us/press_releases.php

The most recent press release is six weeks old, so not much help at this point.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

The Daily Bulletin provides information about the shooting:


Anduhrew said...

I live in the "bad" side of town, and though I hear gun shots often and a lot of the reported shootings are very nearby I have no problem with safety for a number of reasons. I have a gate with a lock that keeps people off of our property (someone left the lock unlocked once and the chain and lock got stolen but we replaced it) we also have a security system "brinks" AND from what I've been reading about the shootings that DO happen in Pomona (and the time i've spent in other "hoods") it seems the shooters all know the victims. So, stop hanging out with hoodlums and you'll be safe! also buy a security system for the house it's only 15 bucks a month! Tibbi's right, I often wear my mean face when my mean neighbors are outside. But i smile a lot when my nice neighbors are outside.

SuxoR said...

I really feel what Anduhrew is saying I live right on Washington very close to Garfield park and hear some gunshots, but I do feel safe and have never had anything really happen to me personally.

It is sad though when innocent
people get caught in cross-fires

Ed said...

Can anyone shed light on how long the Crimewatch map has been down? It was implemented at the same time Romero took over as Chief, so I'm hoping it didn't get the boot as well. I did a post awhile back about crime maps and surprisingly, Pomona's was one of the better ones. Sorry, I don't think the LA CO sheriff does one.

NW programs strike me as the best opportunity to improve conditions. I would love to see the log of police calls being placed online, but I could be in the minority regarding my love for data.

No easy answers, but I agree that alarms, better acquaintances, locks, and Tibbi can all help. I'll throw in big dogs and motion sensors.

We've seen less graffiti in my alley in the last year and we've been victimized by less crime in our 5+ years in Pomona than in the 5+ years in Claremont. Of course, you can see the problem with anecdotal evidence..... or maybe not.

Ed said...

Crimewatch map is back up.

meg said...

Ed: What's that saying about squeaky wheels?