Saturday, March 14, 2009

calling all omnivores

I can't recall if I've posted about LaVerne's Corner Butcher Shop, but in any case they deserve some more press -- if for no other reason than that we want to make sure they keep a healthy business going in these tough times.

Yesterday K. was working from home, so we met up for lunch at CBS. They have specials every day, and yesterday's was a housemade hotdog and a Dale Brothers beer for $1.99. The dog, as K. kept saying afterwards, was the Platonic ideal of a hotdog. Me, I'm not sure that hotdogs get to have a Platonic form, but this was the best dog I've ever had (while still being undisputably a dog).

The cases at CBS are full of all kinds of amazing stuff, including a zillion kinds of sausage and the output of their smoking ovens. They're open till 8 on weekdays and 6 on weekends, so with a little planning you can swing by after work and pick up something nice -- no need to rely on the supermarket (and their questionable provenance). The seafood/fish case at CBS isn't large, but the selection changes every day, and everything I've tried was of top quality.

I have a new colleague who just moved here from the midwest. I namedropped various ethnic markets one too many times, and he asked me for a list of my sources. So, here are the ethnic places that I shop. Does anyone have others to add to the list, especially for the underrepresented cuisines?

La Favorita
El Super (cheap if not fabulous)

Middle Eastern:
Upland Farmers Market (the best)
Basha (the furthest and biggest)
Grove Farmers Market (the nearest and worst)


Market World

Hoa Binh

Ranch 99


Bombay Bazaar

What have I missed?


Skrip said...

Hot Dog & a Dale Bros for $1.99? I'M SO THERE! Thanks!

Skrip said...

sorry but I also forgot to ask, where is CBS located?

meg said...

CBS is on Foothill, right across from Target. Same shopping center as Marshalls and Panda Express.

Ed said...

We're recent converts. If you're looking for a Pomona connection to CBS, they serve Pomona Baking Company bread. We don't get our meat anywhere else (as of three weeks ago).

Anduhrew said...

Market World is Hannam Chain right? i know that one as hannam chain. But there is another that I go to that is primarily Korean but has stuff (and employees) from all different Asian cultures (on sundays it's kind of cool to see someone in korean yelling for you to get samples then someone doing it in mandarin a few aisles down). That one is in diamond bar called H-Mart. prefer that one to Hannam Chain. and I'm not a big fan of Ranch 99 it isn't bad, but it seems to be heavily diluted by westernized products and . the nearest place is probably something like Pak Kai in Hacienda heights

meg said...

Right -- Market World is Hannam Chain.

I'm with you on Ranch 99. I never go there, if only because I can get everything I need much closer to home. But most of my Chinese friends trek out there on a regular basis.

I'll have to check out H-Mart and Pak Kai -- thanks for the rec!

Pride in Garfield Park said...

I just returned from the butcher shop. They are offering an amazing corned beef and cabbage plate today for $9 (corned beef sandwich for $7). I took a day off from the whole attempt-to-be-a-vegetarian thing. Definitely worth it.

John Clifford said...


Must have just missed you. I also stopped by early to check things out. Purchased some sausages to try later. I'll definitely be back for lunch.

Anduhrew said...

Is the Grove Farmers Market the same as the Montclair Farmers market on Central? I was just there and they have HALF LITER Mexican Coca Cola! WOO HOO!

meg said...

I haven't been to the Montclair Farmers Market on Central, but the Grove is on Garey and Grove. I'll check out MFM. Is it Middle Eastern like GFM and UFM?

Anduhrew said...

i haven't been to gfm or ufm. but it is indeed middle eastern. all the meat is halal, they have a small olive bar and there is no pork whatsoever. If you don't like to eat bottom dwellers like pigs there is beef bologna and beef pastrami. it's pretty small and mostly fruits and vegetables. i just discovered it yesterday by accident. I went to the 3-way thrift store right next door and got some old books. I highly suggest stocking up on the Medio Litre Mexican Coca Cola, that size is hard to come by!

meg said...

I will definitely check it out. Where on Central is it? I'm assuming south of the 10, since I've never noticed it.

Anduhrew said...

u are correct. south of the 10 on Central on the West Side between San Bernardino and Holt. (smaller streets, between orchard street and kingsley) The 3 Way Thrift store next door is hard to miss.