Sunday, March 1, 2009


The city employees went map crazy again. Not only are we one of the few cities (maybe only) in the region to have a crime map, now they've added a map-related directory. Directory of what, you might ask? How about city businesses, government services, health services, and community services. Want to find the location of a Pomona Starbucks? Btw, we have three. Or are you looking for Alicia's Beauty Salon?Sorry, Alicia has only one of those. Fire stations, social services, and even churches can be mapped. Holy Jesus, do we have a lot of churches!

Very, very cool. My only question is whether the Chamber of Commerce shouldn't be taking this idea and running with it. If it takes the city to lead the way, so be it, but really, the Chamber should create a website, modify the interface and make it easy to shop Pomona.

The city isn't the greatest when it comes to posting agendas, but wow, can they map.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the can we please get the agenda's posted on time? I know where I want to go, but I would love to know what my elected officials are doing and how our business is being conducted.

Anduhrew said...

coolness with the map. Pomona should have an ordinance limiting the number of chain stores in the City. Arcata has one. I like it. let's get one.

Anduhrew said...

another thing. when are they going to actually put things on the map other than schools and parks? (btw we have a desperate need for parks.)

Anonymous said...


Do you really think what Pomona needs is to tell businesses "we don't want you here"?

Pomona has the highest tax rates in the region, but the lowest city funds. Why? Because the City has such a lack of tax-generating businesses, and a related lack of jobs.

Have you noticed that the City's largest employers are all non-profits? If it wasn't for CalSpas, I bet our largest employer would be a restaurant!

It's time to open our doors to businesses -- ANY businesses -- that want to come here.

Heck, even Wal Mart closed its Pomona store!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add:

Kudos on the map idea, but I assume this is a beta launch?

There's nothing in the map except schools and parks. The map lists all kinds of things as possible to show on the map, but when I click on them nothing appears.

Also, the map still lists Elliott Rothman as representing Council District 5 (but District 1 has been updated with Soto's name). Some staffer better fix that quick or they may be out of a job!

(Though I must admit I wish Rothman's reign were still limited to District 5).

Ed said...

Oh, to find a business (or other interest) choose a category on the top and a pop-up search feature appears. The map contents on the left doesn't appear functional.....yet.?

Anonymous said...

Map is working now. District 5 updated. Click on "Contact Webmaster" to send comments or suggestions strait to GIS Department.

Anduhrew said...

u know what i just noticed? we have an extremely high concentration of automotive repair shops in Pomona.