Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old Home Restoration Workshop

For those of you interested in the geriatric home health care workshop, here is a tentative schedule. If you'd like to attend both this workshop and the Sustainability Seminar, their locations are literally only blocks from each other.

Pomona Heritage

Old Home Restoration Workshop

Trinity United Methodist Church

676 N. Gibbs

April 4, 2009

9:30am Welcome and Opening Remarks

Paula Lantz, Council Woman

Deborah Clifford, President of Pomona Heritage

Start of Silent Auction

10 am

- Fellowship Hall - Steve Mittleider – City of Pomona - Trees

- Johnson Room Matt De’Fazio Tile and Design

- The Patio Neil Cannone Wood Refinishing

- The Choir Room Rembrandt Windows

o Caring for and Repairing Double Hung Windows

11 am

- Fellowship Hall Brad Hagbery BDH Plastering

- Small Room – Frank Simpson Drought Tolerant Landscape

- Patio - John Jones Wooden Screens Doors and Wooden Screens

Noon Guest Speaker and Lunch –

Fairplex Speaker – Historical Gardens with Power Point Presentation

1 pm

- Main Room Cool Tools Dan McIntire

- Small Room City of Pomona – John Kimbro Code Compliance plus two colleagues from Planning

- Patio

2 pm

- Main Room

- Small Room Tad Decker – Paint Bucket

- Patio William Korthof – Energy Efficiency Solar Panels

3 pm

- Final Bids for Silent Auction –

4 pm Visit to Home in Progress – Wilton Heights –Address to be announced.


John Clifford said...

Thanks for the post Ed.

Remember, the workshops are FREE and you can get more information at the Pomona Heritage web site (

Anduhrew said...

too bad the workshops are at the same time as the sustainability seminar. I can't be in two places at once!

Anduhrew said...

just noticed. the same guy that is doing the solar panel workshop is the same guy doing the same workshop at the sustainability seminar.

Anonymous said...

It will take only a minute or two if you want to hop from one to the other. Perhaps both could include schedules or handouts from the other.

Anduhrew said...

good idea anonymous i think i'll get some schedules printed and bring them over to the geriatric home owners groups.

dak said...

Does anyone have information on when this OHRW might happen in 2010? We're currently planning this year's Sustainability Seminar, and it would be nice to not have that schedule conflict again!