Friday, March 27, 2009

P-town this weekend

Much to do this weekend, but I don't feel like typing so.....

Glasshouse: Performances on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Diverse genre. It doesn't hurt to look, and who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Antique Row: Collectors' Street Faire from 8AM-3PM

Art Colony: Last Saturday Art Walk starts at 6PM. Not just art, it also includes a Farmer's Market and Metro Night Out (couldn't find a good description, but you can always go to the website).

Fairplex: Prime Time Dance competition and on Sunday is the NowRooz Festival from 12-8PM

City of Pomona: Madison Park is being renamed Tony Cerda Park. Celebration runs from 10AM to 2PM. I'm in a hurry, so plug it into google maps yourself.

Geriatric Home Lovers: Grand re-opening of the Walker House in San Dimas. Last open house is scheduled for 3/28 from 10AM-2PM

Pomona Heritage is doing a social event, but I don't know whether I can broadcast it out. John? Anyone else?

Garfield Park neighborhood watch is getting together. Does the Lincoln Park group have similar meetings? The chainsaw probably scares them away, cuz I don't hear about them.

Cal Poly Pomona: Men's basketball team in Saturday's NCAA Division II finals at 1pm on CBS (channel 2).


calwatch said...

Actually Cal Poly plays at 10 am. Then it's a worthless Elite 8 pregame show followed by Division I March Madness.

Ed said...

Thanks for the correction. I probably grabbed Eastern time zone.