Friday, March 27, 2009

have some cheese with your whine: P-Town edition

Ed asked for more details about the PomHer event tomorrow, and while I am very much a fringe sort of character in Pomona Heritage, I am pals with the organizer (who is not John!), so I'll step up.

It's wine. Lots of it. At dba256. At 4pm. $14 gets you a sommelier-nurtured wine tasting, and there are rumors of horse-doovers. The downside is that the company might be a little low-rent, as K. and I are planning on being there. We can be counted on to bring crass behavior to any gathering. [K.: "Speak for yourself, darlin'."]


Skrip said...

Noo! I wanted to go. I have to leave for Tulare for the weekend. Darn it... Hope you guys have fun!

Anduhrew said...

Tulare? Check this out this rest stop on your way up.
Philip Raines Rest Stop

I'm out to Lake Elsinore tomorrow don't count me in, I'm disappointed I won't get to experience some of that Crass behavior, I'd be one to join in.

Ed said...

Thanks Meg.

meg said...

Sorry 'bout that, Skrip! PiGP is gonna hafta miss it too, due to work. Magnanimous soul that I am, I volunteer to drink a few for y'all.

(BTW, for some reason Blogspot doesn't let me post comments on your blog... perhaps it has an algorithm to detect crass behavior?)

Anduhrew, that looks really cool. If you're every driving I-80 or I-90, I highly recommend the rest stops in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. They *really* care about their rest stops there!

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Argh! Sorry I missed it. Yup, I was in the weeds all weekend. What does it say that my chosen decompression activity is Facebook and Pomona blogs.

By the way, a colleague referred to me as a "Pomona booster." Sounds like we should be selling 50/50 raffle tickets during Art Walks.


Ed said...

Thanks to the PH member who organized the event. Personally, I thought it a lot of fun. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

toss a "was" in the previous comment.