Tuesday, March 10, 2009

faith and begorrah!

There are two things I look for in a hair-cutter: I want a good haircut, and I want to have a pleasant-enough conversation. Both are necessary; I didn't go back to one guy, despite having received one of the best haircuts of my life, because he was such a butthead.

I got a haircut today, and the pleasant banter turned to the fact that Barberella and her husband went to the Irish fair at the Fairplex this weekend.

Appalling fact no. 1: $16 entry plus $9 parking makes for a hefty pricetag.

Appalling fact no. 2: NO IRISH BEER! They only served Budweiser products. Well, apparently they sold Michelob too -- for the appearance of teh fancy. But ferchrissakes, Anheuser-Busch owns Bass -- how hard would it be to sell a little Irish beer? And don't say it's the Fairplex contract, because you can get non-Budelob beers when the LA County Fair is on.

I am truly ashamed of Our Fair City.


pomona's art colonists said...

Juan and I went to The Irish Fair also and they did have Carlsberg, which of course is a Danish beer.
We were surprised about them not having Guinness
or Harp, I like Smithwick's myself. We had a fun time anyway! Good food, lots of dancing, great music. We sat through two sets of The Dublin 4...had a blast dancing. They were being served shots of Jameson and were three sheets to the wind at end of their sets....so funny. They did bring up the subject of the choice of beer, so I think that will be changing next year, the audience agreed....unanimously!
We will be flying back to my hometown, Savannah Ga. on Sunday and will be attending the second largest St. Patrick's Day celebration in the US. Next to New York City. They start partying on Saturday
and it goes on all week long....can't wait! Erin go braugh!

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Shame shame!

Skrip said...

What?!?! You're kidding! That's plain horrible! At least everything else was fun. They better get it right next time for sure!

Ed said...

Pomona blogger= Irish

Tibbi must have a little Irish!

tibbi said...

Ed, if it counts, I have plenty of red hair in my beard...

I am a notorious drinker to boot.

And I am short like a leprechaun...

come to think of it, I do love corned beef and hash....

I make beer braised cabbage...and I eat at least one potato a day.

Wow Ed, wow....It's true- i am Irish.

And my partly Irish girlfriend doesn't need me to be conscious to have sex with me-

I don't know what to do about these revelations.

I need a drink!!!!