Sunday, July 12, 2009


I'm still all tore up about all the folks who were dispossessed and dispossessioned by last night's fire -- Dawn, Fred, Pam, and the folks in the apartments on Gordon. I'm sure we all are.

I was in touch with Dawn & Fred's pastor again just now, and there is great resolve to coordinate efforts to help out the victims. If other folks are in touch with Pam and other victims, let me know. It's inevitable that things gradually slip off a person's radar, but a community of folks eager to help will keep the issue fresh in mind. I suspect that the greatest need will be in a week or a month, as the victims start to rebuild their lives.

In the meantime, I leave you with some visual impressions. First, a crappy photo I took last night at about 11pm. The firefighters seemed to be packing up, or at least standing down, when some embers were visible where the second floor of Dawn & Fred's had been. They immediately shot it with water, at which point a whole shower of sparks and embers proved that the fire was still smoldering away inside. I don't know what time the FD finally left, but I'm sure it was well after midnight.

Also, if you missed the video link that GoP posted on her reanimated blog -- video by Juan Cabrera -- be sure and check it out.

I took a happy picture last night too, and I'm going to post it not only to commemmorate Bunny Gunner's second birthday (although I missed the hirsute young men in historic swimwear, wah!) but also in anticipation of happier times for Dawn, Fred, Pam, et al.:

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