Sunday, July 12, 2009

update on Dawn & Fred

K. talked to D&F's pastor a bit ago, who had an update. They're staying in Fullerton tonight, but they're planning on coming up here tomorrow. They do have insurance (oh, thank heavens!), and the insurance company is on the case. D&F are both quite upbeat and are planning to rebuild. Their church is collecting household goods for them, and their biggest need seems to be clothes.

I don't have contact info for Dawn & Fred or Pam (or even names for the other dispossessed), but I'd be happy to post (and update) lists of what they need, if you happen to be in touch with them.


Pride in Garfield Park said...

Biggest need: Clothes. That calls for gift certificates. Where can we send them? Perhaps to their pastor?

Madison Dixon (Vanallen) said...

Dawn and Fred are my aunt and uncle. So upsetting what happened... my whole family is torn. Loving you guys and wishing for the best, thanks to anyone who can help.