Tuesday, July 14, 2009

paint your wagon, roll up your sleeves

I just got back from a couple of hours working at Dawn's. I took photos, which I'll update this post with once I've got them downloaded.

Before, I reported that Dawn was upbeat, but that doesn't do her justice. She is the same cheery Dawn that we all know and love. She had a plan to put into action, but it was as if she was just organizing a spring cleaning.

The garden is not a total loss. In fact, "up and running by next week" actually seems feasible. A lot of plants died, but a lot lived, too -- some of them completely untouched, by the look of them. A number of plants look quite happy but had their pots melted off of them.

Lee and the gang from the Regen Coop were there when I arrived, as well as an older gentlemen I never got to introduce myself to. They cleared rubble in the back while Dawn put me to work watering the living. Ren was also there, but Dawn wouldn't let him take a picture of her ;-)

I had to leave after a couple of hours to come home, shower, and get to work, but a whole host of folks had arrived by then, including a troop/troupe of kids and moms from Lincoln Elementary, where Dawn volunteers.

Dawn clearly has a strategic game plan, and I'm sure she'll have something for you to do if you show up! Try to bring gloves, though, and a sunhat. Dawn will dowse you with sunscreen whether you want her to or not.

PS: Ophelia the chicken will greet you upon your arrival, although she's much more freaked out than Dawn is.


John Clifford said...

Just got back from there (3:30 pm) and it seems that the fire department has suggested that it's too dangerous to be working with the particulate matter in the air during the current heat.

Work will continue after 5:00 pm this evening. Hope to see some of you there.

Anduhrew said...

I just got back from there. I showed up really late, and I feel terrible about that. I'll be sure to get off of work earlier tomorrow.

Work Party Starts again tomorrow, Same time and Same Place!