Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Foot Reflexology -- Ahhhhhh...

OK, I know this is a Pomona blog, and I know Chino is not Pomona. But, I also know foot rubs are amazing, so I want to spread the love.

I usually go to Rowland Heights to get a good tootsie rub, but I was in the mood for something closer to home. Google suggested Serenity at 11756 Central Ave #C in Chino (909-628-8848). They are open from 10AM - 10PM, walk-ins welcome.

Admittedly, we were a little worried about the location. Many of the massage places on Central, especially between Mission and the 60, seem downright sketchy. So, we all agreed we would do an about-face if anyone gave the "I'm sketched out" signal. Fortunately, such signals were far from warranted.

Big thumbs up to Serenity. The facility is clean and calm, the staff friendly and responsive. The prices are reasonable (a bit higher than Rowland Heights, but I was happy to spend the extra dollars for the tranquility of the space and interactions).

I got the 60 minute foot reflexology service. It included a scalp massage. But, unlike the place I've gone to Rowland Heights, it did not include any shoulder or back massage. Nevertheless, I felt "floaty" after the service.

Stew and John got the Foot Reflexology + Therapy Chair service. I'm told the therapy chair addition "cemented the total body experience." I'll get it next time.

If you're a fan of foot rubs, check them out. If you've never tried a foot rub, check them out. A $20 or $25 massage in a relaxing environment with air conditioning is a great way to escape the heat. Here's the menu of services for your reference:

1. Foot Reflexology: $15 for 45 minutes or $20 for 60 minutes; or $150 for a 10 count package of the 60 minute service.

2. Therapy Chair (upper body massage): $15 for 20 minutes or $25 for 30 minutes; or $200 for a 10 count package of the 30 minute service.

3. Body Acupressure: $15 for 20 minutes, $30 for 40 minutes, $40 for 60 minutes; or $330 for a 10 count package of the 60 minute service.

4. Foot Reflexology (40 minutes) + Therapy Chair (20 minutes): $25; or $200 for a 10 count package of the 6o minute service.

5. Foot Reflexology (40 minutes) + Body Acupressure (20 minutes): $25; or $200 for a 10 count package of the 60 minute service.

6. Body Oil Tuina: $50 for 60 minutes [I *think* this is a full body massage, but I don't know.]

7. Acupuncture by appointment only.


Teribel said...

Oh M-M-M-My! I took your advice and gave them a try. It was a great way to end my week off from work. I'm already planning to take my sister there next week. Thanks for posting Serenity!

Wendy Leung said...

Tui na is Chinese deep tissue massage, probably full body or back. Intense stuff and with the body oil, it sounds glorious. Anyone tried the Thai massage place on Indian Hill across from Mix Bowl?

meg said...

I haven't (tried the Thai massage place), but a friend of mine swears by it. She regularly gives gift certificates from there... apparently a $50 g.c. will get you a lot.

Anonymous said...

They even have coupons on their website http://serenityhealthcenter.