Thursday, July 9, 2009

lies, damned lies, and statistics

This morning's mullet wrapper reports that the LA public online crime map omits 40% of the crimes handled by the PD. I feel sure that such sloppiness -- much less malfeasance -- would never occur here on M-M-M-My Pomona, where our Ed is on the case, keeping us safe and informed.

In other news, what the heck was up with the cop-chopper last night? I swear it was running Spirograph patterns last night overhead as we were entertaining neighbors in the back yard.

Hey, parents, do they still make Spirograph? Has it been dumbed down and/or automated, like Candyland and Chutes & Ladders?


Anonymous said...

I thought that the city had cut funding for the "good" helicopter and was selling the old one.
I have heard it in the last month more than at any other time while we have lived in Pomona.
It also sounds like it's like 10 feet off the ground. Really loud and at all times of the night.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

I've been hearing the chopper a lot, too. The skies were quiet for a while, but the tool seems to be in full use now.

I, for one, am all for use of the chopper if it helps our PD do its job.

I *think* there's a policy/community meeting this coming Tuesday. I haven't seen any formal announcements. If there is a meeting, this would be a great question to raise.

Anduhrew said...

here in the south the chopper still comes by ever so often, when It was considered still getting funding it was coming by often, then when funding stopped, the chopper stopper. I just noticed its return approximately a month ago.

Ed said...

Does a hovering helicopter indicate the commission of a serious crime? My gut wants to say yes, but I wonder if I'm being naive. PiGP makes the case that if the helicopter helps the PD do its job then it's an appropriate use, but without knowing what the helicopter is responding to, we don't know if the benefit is worth the cost.

Should the PD give us more info? Why would any police department be opposed to more disclosure if it doesn't interfere with an active investigation?

Johanna said...

Here's the only info online that I could find (daily bulletin):