Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Work Party Continuing Through Rest of the Week.

This from Lee Krusa,

"Many thanks are in order for the great efforts put forth today to help Dawn and Fred put their nursery back together. We accomplished alot and everyone should be proud of the contributions they've made to building community within Pomona. Dawn and Fred are truly beside themselves with appreciation for all the offerings made thus far! However, there is much work left to do so please stop by the Garden whenever you can over the next week at least to check in on what projects might need an extra hand.

Tomorrow a handful of us will be dealing with the debris pile that was the storage garage. There is some considerable degree of toxins within this pile so those who are helping will be using all precautions possible to reduce the chance of contamination (skin, respiratory, and eyes). I have an extra asbestos grade respirator for anyone who would like to lend a hand with the work early am tomorrow so please contact me if you are free and willing to help with this. If you are interested you should bring a long sleeve shirt, wear work pants and good sturdy shoes. A hat is recommended as well as the heat of the day catches up to you quick. Since we will be stirring the pile early in the morning we feel it would be best if any other volunteers could come by no earlier than 10 am in order to let particulate settle and be wiped off of chairs and work tables.

Again thanks a million for all efforts put forth and please continue with your generosity however you can.

My Best,
Lee Krusa
631-935-4588 "


Pride in Garfield Park said...

Does it look like there will be work available Saturday morning? I'd like to lend a hand, but can't make it over until then.

meg said...

My understanding was that Saturday & Sunday the volunteer efforts would be directed toward the Henrys' pace next door, although I could be wrong. I'm planning on being there.