Monday, July 13, 2009

Work Party Tomorrow, 8:15am at The Garden

This is from Lee Krusa of the Regen Co-ops. (See Pam's thoughts here)

"Hey everyone,

So I just talked with Dawn and Fred and you should all know that they are handling their losses with great grace and are eagerly looking forward to rebuilding the nursery first and then everything else. Anyone who knows these two would not be surprised by this and I feel it speaks greatly to their abilities to draw friends from such diverse circles.

We are going to be meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8:15 for a big workparty cleanup. The day is to be split between 2 shifts, 8:15-1 and 3 to 7 so basically there will be people there all day. Come by for one or come for both. There’ll be a siesta and break for food between the two and this will be potluck style so please bring a dish, your own plates and silverware. Also, there will be need for more hands in the coming weeks with both small and large projects as they come up so keep this in mind.

Things to Bring:
gloves, demolition, and cleaning-up tools (shovels, rakes, hand pruners, hand trowels, rope, tarps, wheel barrels etc.) water, sunscreen, a good hat and a dish to contribute to lunch.

We’ll be moving debris, adding a tarp or shade-sheets to her old metal-framed shade-house, consolidating plants together which are salvageable, repotting plants and generally cleaning up from the fire. The next door neighbors with the yarn shop (Pam) got burned up pretty bad too and will be in need of help also. As well, if you can think of others nearby who would value coming out to help, of course any willing hand is welcome.

Many of you know Dawn and have come to the nursery there for gardening supplies for Regen. Dawn has also been a big supporter of food-not-lawns, the Pomona Historical Society, the Tri-city gardens, and done much to establish a large garden at the nearby elementary school. This is a great way for us to help her to get her place back on its feet and build community here in Pomona.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to working with many of you tomorrow.

My Best,
Lee Krusa


John Clifford said...

I should be able to come by for at least part of the afternoon shift. Look forward to being able to help out.

Anne said...

For anyone coming to help work, I recommend wearing a mask despite the heat - there is lots of dust floating around that's probably best not to inhale.