Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Planning for School and Alcohol

Sorry for the tease. This post covers the Planning Commission's two agenda items for tonight's meeting: (1) a proposal to convert an office building to a private school on 4th street in MetroPomona, and (2) a CUP modification for a restaurant on Holt.

The New Dimensions school on 640 S. Garey would like to relocate to an office building on 436 W. Fourth St. The school covers k-8, with an enrollment of 55 students. CUP

The restaurant is located at 1515 East Holt and initiated a request to sell alcohol and wine back in March of 2008. The owners failed to satisfy all the conditions in the original CUP and are back for round 2. The story is actually a little more complicated/convoluted, so read away if it tickles your fancy. CUP modification I'll confess my ignorance and admit that I really don't understand why code enforcement doesn't handle some of the identified conditions. If anyone can add to the tale, please do.

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Goddess of Pomona said...

Does anyone know anything about this school? I googled it, but there wasn't much, other than it is K-8.