Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fire on Garey

UPDATE (10:11 pm)

Garey is still closed from Alvarado to Pearl with more fire engines than I think I've ever seen in the area outside a major forest fire.

Just got back from the 2nd Saturday Art Walk and the fire was the topic on everyone's lips. Here's what I heard:

The Garden is completely destroyed as are Pam Henry's two homes on the lot next door. It looks like the Victorian to the north of The Garden has only peripheral damage.

Reports are that the fire actually started in a tree a couple blocks away on Park Ave, but then skipped over Gordon Street and, carried by the high winds, caught at The Garden. I'm sure that there will be further updates on this as information comes in.

Thanks to all those who have responded. I spoke with Meg and she definitely wants us to use this blog for anything that will help. Johanna, thanks so much for letting us know that Pam and her family is safe. I know that Dawn and Fred were out of town when all of this occurred.

Original Posting

This just in. There is a fire burning just off Garey Avenue at about Kingsley. A report from a neighbor on Jefferson was that it's the property of Dawn and Fred Van Allen's home, The Garden, and some adjacent structuress. At this point it's completely unknown what's going on.

I was unaware of it from my home but a short drive down Bradford to Jefferson saw a huge plume of black smoke coming from the south and when I got to Jefferson and Garey it looked to be a very large fire, but I couldn't see much from that angle.

Please let us know anyone out there who has information.

Let's all hope for the best for Dawn and Fred, and their neighbor Pam Henry, as well as the buildings adjacent owned by the First Baptist Church.


Anduhrew said...

thanks for the info, i was looking online to see if there was any. of course it'd be a blogger.

Lisa left the house about an hour ago and told me there was a fire. It's really unfortunate to hear that it's Dawn's place, Lisa really likes Dawn and The Garden, it's one of the few nurseries that we actually visit. I was hoping to go back there soon and talk to her about some forgotten fruits.

I hope everyone is ok and i hope there isn't too much damage =(

Us hippies gotta stick together.

NICOLE said...

I saw the fire a while ago is was really burning bad I saw a really old blue and white house on fire and it mostly smelled of wood burning many surrounding trees seem to have caught fire. Very sad I hope no one was injured.

Johanna said...

I just saw a heartbroken and devastated Pam Henry in the Stater Bros parking lot and was able to take her 3 dogs to my yard (thankfully they got out okay). Can we use this site as "gathering spot" to help out those families??? I'm so heartbroken about this and want to help.
For starters, if anyone wants to be a dog walker I could use a hand!

-Puppet Lady on Jefferson

Anthony said...

My fiance is part of the Pam's knitting circle and he spoke to Larry about a 1/2 hour ago and it sounds like they lost everything. :(

We are so sad. We should rally everyone in coordinating a fundraiser!

Johanna said...

Whoops, posted this in the wrong spot:

Raven said...

I had been trying to find out information on the fire...thankfully one of our fellow neighborhood watch block captains sent out an email with your blog & this article link:,0,7897918.story

I'm so sad to find out the details of the fire. I'm available to help dog walk...and let us know how we can help out those who were affected. I'll help to rally the block captains and fellow neighbors too.

297 Lincoln

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like it attracted all the news vans - and Eliott Rothman and Stephen Atchley too (even though it's not his district). Hopefully the producers realize that a talking head politico on the screen is not the way to present a story. Never an opportunity missed for a politician to get on camera.

Johanna said...

Dogs update: they are safely and happily with Pam's daughter. Their cats evidently escaped through a window- if anyone lives nearby please keep an eye out for frightened kitties. When I find out more about what the families need I'll post here.

calwatch said...

Here's a more updated article:

meg said...

We stopped by on our way back from from Art Walk. Dawn & Fred's pastor had driven up from Fullerton, and we talked to him for a few minutes. He and I traded contact info and agreed that we would try to coordinate any efforts to help Dawn, Fred, and Pam.

So, folks, feel free to use the blog as an organizing point if it's helpful. K. and I both are heartbroken for the victims.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

According to the Daily Bulletin article, the fire displaced a couple families who lived in the nearby apartment complex.

I'm glad the blog will be able to serve as a gathering spot for the community to come together to support all the families affected by the fire, in whatever ways they might find most helpful.

me said...

My thoughts are with everyone involved. What a devastating loss for the home owners, tenants, and all of us who love Pomona. It was bad enough to lose the knitting house, but it seems clear that The Garden was also engulfed, and it's just heartbreaking.

G of P

Pomona Noltes said...

My family lives on Alvarado and absolutely loved The Garden and Dawn and Fred. We'll continue to check this blog to see how we can help. Thank you for the info.

Anduhrew said...

i spoke with a few of the residents at the Regen Co-Ops in Pomona and they would also like to be involved in any sort of community support or fundraising for Dawn and Pam. Also, Olympia of the regen co-ops who was working for Dawn while she was away says she was able to save the dogs but is unsure about the cats. apparently one cat was still inside but one cat was outside.

me said...

It's very quiet in Lincoln Park this morning. 15 year old Juan Cabrera took video of the fire burning as it engulfed The Garden. I posted it on

G of P