Thursday, July 23, 2009

that joint was jumpin'

A big shout out to Tibbi and the many folks who helped out with the Brew Hope fundraiser last night. I'd call it an amazing success, at least in terms of attendance; at one point, I was having flashbacks to my disco days, it was that crowded (and loud and hot -- but like going to a club, I didn't want to be anywhere else on earth).

Much fun was had by all, from what I could tell. There was a silent auction as well as a noisy auction (the latter was much more entertaining); lovely food from various providers, personal and professional; a slideshow that captured the pathos of the fire and post-fire efforts; and many great conversations washed down with adult beverages suitable for a summer evening. The stars were out in force, and I'm happy to report that Tibbi and the Mayor did not come to blows, as hinted at on Tibbi's blog.

I got to hear more about the homeowner's dissatisfaction with the fire department's response to the fiery inferno and with the city's response to their dissatisfaction. Greater openness and transparency are touchstones for any city, but I'd definitely encourage our leaders to allow the issue to be explored fully rather than hoping it will blow over.

PS: As I finish this up, what should arrive in my mailbox but "News Over the Garden Gate," Dawn's e-newsletter for the Garden. Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down!

PPS: I heard reports that Juan Cabrera's video of the fire had been removed, but I just checked and it's back from wherever it went. Note that it's on MySpace, not YouTube...

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tibbi said...

Thanks for your help Meg and thanks to everyone that came out last night.

It was great.

But, I'd like to talk about the dissatisfaction with the fire department.

My dealings with them have been minimal, and I, personally, do not have any grievances, but KEEP THE DISSATISFACTION IN MIND WHEN SOMEONE ELSE DECIDES TO PROMOTE A POLICE TRANSITION FROM POMONA PD TO LA COUNTY SHERIFF.