Monday, July 20, 2009

P-town Council meets today

Here is the agenda for tonight:

Item A: Proclaiming Aug. 4 as "National Night Out"
Item 1: SIGMAnet contract to update the city's IT system. approx. $87,000
Item 2: Contract with LA County Fair for police services. approx. $400,000
Item 3: agreement with PUSD to split the cost of the two Community Services School officers approx. $240,000
Item 4: Contract to perform lead hazard control training and certification services (funded from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009)
Item 5: Reject hotel bids (related to Item 4)
Item 6: appeal of planning commission denial of liquor sales at 7-eleven on Towne
Item 7: Invest policy (sorry, I need to read more)
Item 8: Exchange Prop A Funds (this one is interesting)
Item 9: Norma Torres' son appointment to Vehicle Parking District
Item 10: Ad hoc subcommittee to investigate outsourcing (Does the staff think it would take too much time to get the whole Council up to steam?)
Item 11: Council's slush fund is throwing $500 to Pop Warner football
Item 12: Renewal of PBID (this item may be moved to the beginning of the meeting)
Item 13: CUP consideration for Angelo's bar and pizzeria (staff wants more time)
Item 14: Confirmation of Landscaping and lighting district ( I need to spend more time looking over this one)

If you like the current direction of Metro Pomona, they could really use your support on the renewal of the PBID. Emails are always an option and don't limit yourself to just your district representative. We can always donate campaign dollars to the council races in the other districts.

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John Clifford said...

Note that Richard Torres' application to VPD is online under item 9 of the agenda packet. His qualifications appear to be that he understands downtown and parking.

His listed occupation is as student (again, a great qualification to deal with parking issues).

With parking being a major issue for businesses in downtown, why can't we get actual downtown business owners/property owners to be on this commission?

I'd apply but I'm not so sure that I have any better qualifications than a young student--just a lot more age.